Best Ice Cream in America


Realizing that’s a lofty statement to make, TRUST that when it comes to ice cream, we have some pretty strong feelings.

Whether we’re sitting in front of the tube or out adventuring, ice cream is never more than a few steps away.

So here’s our roundup of the best ice cream shops we’ve visited in the country (so far). 

East Coast || Van Leeuwan

There’s a certain magic about New York City, so it’s no surprise that our East Coast winner is Van Leeuwan Ice Cream.

Most especially the location in 30 Rock.

What started as a yellow truck on the streets of NYC in 2008, Van Leeuwan had a mission to make good ice cream that makes you feel good, and apparently it resonated with a few since they now have Scoop Shops (CUTE) in New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Connecticut. Not to mention they’re in most Whole Foods, and offer Nationwide shipping directly to your door.

Wait, WHAT?!

The Downlow: If you’re a basic betch like me, get a scoop of the Pumpkin Cheesecake in a Waffle Cone (if it happens to be in season).


West Coast || Salt & Straw

Have you ever really been to Seattle if you haven’t stood in a line around the block to get a scoop from the awe-inspiring Salt & Straw?

With chef collaborations bringing a regular rotation of new and unsuspecting flavors, these handmade, small batch delicacies will have you scratching your head on whether or not you’re choosing a flavor that, well… makes any kind of sense.

But don’t worry.

Salt & Straw has Scoopers on standby at their locations across Washington, Oregon, California and Florida ready to offer flavor tastes while choosing the perfect ice cream for you.

Not only that, but you can have their ice cream shipped straight to your door in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Woot, woot!

Pro Tip: Don’t fear the flavors and try one of their ever changing seasonals. My favorite so far has been the Ezell’s Fried Chicken & Honey Ice Cream. If I’m looking for something a bit more predictable, I reach for a scoop of their Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. Always.


Mountains || Sweet Peaks

Made in Montana (just like me!), Sweet Peaks has been dominating the local frozen treat scene since their opening in 2010.

Started in the ski town of Whitefish, Sweet Peaks and their mountain-made ice cream parlors have now expanded to many of the major cities in Montana, and neighboring Spokane, Washington.

Always a sucker for the seasonal flavors like River Float (Honey Ice Cream swirled with bits of Cornbread and Huckleberry – YUMMM), I’m just as happy to reach for a dish of their classic Salty Caramel, too.

Good To Know: Sweet Peaks is committed to using Montana dairy products and other quality ingredients when creating their ridiculously tasty treats.


Ocean || Double Three

Admittedly I’m new to the whole bubble waffle scene, so after visiting Oahu’s Double Three in Kailua, I had to look into it further.

And how can I get more?

Like, seriously.

These soft, yet crunchy, waffle cones are not only made fresh to order, but are filled with ice cream sprinkled with a couple toppings of your choice and then drizzled with chocolate sauce (or otherwise).

Want all of the toppings?
You can do that too!
(For an additional fee, of course…)

In Summary: It’s not every day that I order a ten dollar cone, but when I do, I go to Double Three.