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Call it slow living, or appreciating the small stuff, my husband (Mike) and I (Lisa) have a way with taking in the sights, smells, tastes and textures of wherever we may be, and then sharing those experiences in an inspired way with our community.

I like to imagine our ability to see things differently comes from building a life and raising three rad kids in the city AND the country, but I think it’s also the two decades of working in Marketing, Creative and Customer Experience that keeps us curious and gives us a unique perspective on how to connect with those interested in food, travel and adventure, and beauty.


As a classically-trained chef, I love sharing how fun and easy it can be to bring foods and flavors from around the world to your table any night of the week.

From restaurant, cookbook and product reviews, to recipe development and how-tos, we do it all.

Travel & Adventure

As a couple of life-long learners, curiosity is at our core, and what better way to learn than to immerse ourselves into the unfamiliar.

Whether it be a new city, state, country or trail, join us as we discover what each unique place has to offer.


Dually-licensed in the beauty industry and a registered yoga instructor, I believe fancifying your insides is just as important as how you zhoosh up the outside.

Join us in exploring how to be our most beautiful selves – from mindfulness, sobriety and #selfcare to everyday fashion, skincare and more.

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