Everyday Jewelry


Whether you see me in the mountains, at the beach, or bopping around town, there’s one thing you can guarantee: I’ll be wearing these four things. 

Click to shop this look: Half-Pearl / Half-Beaded Initial Necklace || Name Necklace || 5 mm Snake Chain || Necklet Fastener


About the Name Necklace: You’ll have several fonts and finishes to choose from when placing your order. I go with a gold-plated ‘commercialscript’. 

About the Necklet Fastener: This fastener is what allows me to stack my necklaces AND take them off all at once. There was a time when I’d individually fasten each one, which meant I never took them off when I slept or showered (because I’m kinda lazy like that). Not only is it annoying to sleep in all three, but I promise the Name Necklace and Snake Chain will eventually tarnish and turn your neck green if you wear them all the time. Once I realized this, I started my search for an affordable fastener. The Necklet was the higher-end fastener, but worth the price because a) the magnet is strong and secure (in my experience) and b) it’s the only one I found where the clasps fit any necklace I tried to pair it with.

Always check return policies prior to purchasing any of the items listed above. 

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